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Crossroads and Bookends

Tonight Denise and I will spend the last night in our home of nearly a quarter century. We will undoubtedly raise a toast with firelight dancing from our woodstove one last time. A few tears may come. I expect we…

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Introducing “Hope Heals”

I'd like to share an update on my forthcoming narrative nonfiction book, which I'm naming Hope Heals. It is about people who find a new purpose after unspeakable loss--and how they go about it. My goal is to help lift…

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What is resilience made of?

  • April 16, 2014
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Across the home of the Bean, if not much of the country, the Boston Marathon bombings' anniversary sparked much reflection on the responses of many people. Yes, a showing of the "strong" among bystanders and many first responders -- and…

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