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Allowing the light back in

Many of us know the disparity of the holidays too well. In what should be a time of festivity and joy, this season instead doubles down on our pain. The isolation from loss or other upheavals in our lives, such…

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Stretching to the new

“Vulnerability is the key to resilience.” – Mitch Carmody I hope many of you are finding a way to recharge this season, despite the searing heat wave. My wife and I are both former teachers who used the summer months…

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Skating for a good cause

Quite often, away from the blather of loud egos vying for our attention, people like Ben Rabinovitz quietly do good work to help someone else. Not that Rabinovitz is downplaying the event he is organizing on April 3. His group,…

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Introducing “Hope Heals”

I'd like to share an update on my forthcoming narrative nonfiction book, which I'm naming Hope Heals. It is about people who find a new purpose after unspeakable loss--and how they go about it. My goal is to help lift…

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Embracing the positive

Recently I’ve become more inspired by people doing good works on a small scale, committing their grit and sweat to bring about change. While working on larger platforms is vital and requires foot soldiers at the grassroots level, I also…

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