Photo by Lisa PearsonAre you feeling shut in with the mid-winter blahs?

Or perhaps beyond the harsh weather, are you avoiding or attempting to deny the emotional impact of something that feels frozen inside? Or know someone who seems locked in this state?

You are certainly not alone. Please click here for my post on Psychology Today’s web site, where I am thrilled to begin regular blogging (and will aim for twice a month) in their Personal Perspectives section. My posts will be gathered under “Unspeakable Gifts.”

No one really believes these things are ever going to happen to them—whether addiction, chronic illness, or sudden loss. When it does, and the lights flicker off, perhaps that’s exactly the time to button up and face the elements.

This season has a way of compounding isolation for many who are enduring life’s trials. Hopefully you can step outside of the literal or figurative shell that’s around you, or reach out to someone who needs to hear from you.